SF Guardians: We recalled the school board
79% of voters support an algebra option in 8th grade -- only 6% oppose it -- according to a Sept 2023 poll by Grow SF.March 5: YES on G.  Bring algebra back.

Do our kids deserve the same opportunities as their suburban peers?

Many bay area kids take algebra in 7th grade. Our kids have to wait until 9th.

This makes our kids less prepared for science and tech careers.

If our kids want to learn calculus in high school, they have to take 5 years of advanced math in just 4 years.

So families leave.

We lost 500 kids when we stopped teaching algebra in 8th grade, and we currently lose 1 in 7 kids at the transition to middle school.

Now, our schools are facing serious budget problems.

These problems are best solved by bringing families back...and 8th grade algebra is key.

Help us bring algebra back for SF kids.

Map showing kids have access to algebra in 7th grade in Silicon Valley, 8th grade in the east bay and peninsula, but not until 9th grade in SF and Oakland.
Districts with Algebra 1* in
dark green - 7th grade
light green - 8th grade
yellow - 8th grade but online only this year
red - 9th grade
grade 7
light green
grade 8
grade 8 (online only this year)
grade 9
* or Math I, for integrated math.
(Data not available for districts shown in gray.)
Click any school district for the cite -- if it's missing, we probably called them. Got an update? founders@sfguardians.org .

How you can help: Vote YES on Prop G to Bring Algebra Back

Prop G is on the ballot March 5, 2024.

It asks the school district to give kids the option of algebra by 8th grade, and strengthen math curriculum for younger kids.

10 of 11 Supervisors voted to put it on the ballot, giving voters (like you!) the chance to tell the district what sort of schools our kids deserve.

We believe our kids should not have to give up their summers or double up on advanced math to get the same opportunities other Bay Area kids get during the normal school day.

We hope you agree.

Prop G Endorsements

San Francisco Democratic Party
San Francisco Republican Pary
San Francisco Green Party
SF Chronicle
Bay Area Reporter
Marina Times
SF Guardians
Chinese American Democratic Club
Filipino American Democratic Club
SF Women's Political Action Committee
Grow SF
Together SF
Westside Family Democratic Club
United Democratic Club
Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club
Noe Valley Democratic Club
District 2 Democratic Club
Ed Lee Democratic Club
San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
Alan Wong, City College Board President*

* Titles are for identification purposes only

What else can I do?

1/ The school district is holding a virtual algebra town hall January 24 at 5pm to share their plan to bring algebra back. This is the only chance to influence the plan before it's presented to the school board.

2/ You can donate to the SF Guardians political campaign to pass Prop G. We would be very grateful for your financial support.

3/ You can donate to the official campaign committee for Prop G. This is an important issue and funding is tight.

Wait what? 8th graders don't have Algebra 1?

Nope. In 2014, SF decided to stop offering Algebra 1 in 8th grade and delay it until high school for all students.

They hoped it would be more equitable... but the results were exactly the opposite.

A study by Stanford professors found that rather than closing the equity gap, the policy widened it. Parents with means found workarounds, while the most disadvantaged were left behind.
AP Calculus enrollment is up for white students... down for everyone else.
The current policy forces students to learn 5 years of advanced math in just 4 years...

...making for a difficult junior year, and gaps in their precalculus education:
SF public school students have to compress 5 years of advanced math into 4 years.
Removing access to 8th grade Algebra 1 was an experiment... and it failed.

It's time to bring algebra back.

We're working hard to bring algebra back

Our community's #1 priority this year is to bring algebra back for SF's 8th graders.

* We created a map showing which bay area school districts give kids the opportunity to take algebra in 7th or 8th grade, so people can see which kids have access to opportunity... and which kids don't.

* We created flyers explaining the problem, and talked with voters at the farmers' market. (This is the most popular issue we've ever worked on.)

* We started a petition to bring algebra back to middle school, gathered 2300 signatures in less than 30 days, and sent the petition to our school board. The Superintendent admitted that our current math pathways aren't working, and the district has created a committee on algebra. The school board will vote on algebra February 13... but even if they vote for algebra, please support Prop G to ensure that it actually gets done. (The school board voted for neighborhood schools six years ago... and we still don't have them.)

* We are supporting Supervisor Joel Engardio's Prop G to bring algebra back. This measure puts algebra on the March 5 ballot, letting voters send a message about the kind of educational opportunities they'd like for SF's children.

* We've been organizing supporters to speak at public meetings in support of algebra. Along with Rex Ridgeway, Maya Keshevan, and other advocates, we spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting where the measure was introduced, and held a press conference before speaking at the Rules Committee meeting. The Supervisors put the measure on the ballot with a 10-1 vote.

* We are keeping parents, teachers, and other community members informed about algebra via our Facebook group and our newsletter.

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