SF Guardians: We recalled the school board
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City Guardians Academy Candidates

Meet the first batch of leaders from City Guardians Academy.

They've chatted with elected leaders.
They've practiced telling their story.
They've learned about running campaigns.

Demo Day is April 26. Come meet them.
Joel Engardio speaks with the City Guardians candidates.

Three candidates (and one project):

Greg Arenius, candidate for San Francisco Supervisor in District 11

Greg Arenius

exploring a run for SF Supervisor, District 11

I'm a high school dropout who changed direction... and now I want to change San Francisco's direction.

Just as my struggling high school failed me, our city leaders have failed us.

They failed to teach every kid to read, failed to control drug use on our streets, failed to run the buses on time or build enough housing, or reduce crime.

My day job is helping government work better, by looking at the data.

I helped recall the SF school board, I improved mental health in Alameda County jails, and now I'm exploring a run for Supervisor to turn San Francisco around.

Selena Chu, candidate for SF Board of Education.

Selena Chu

exploring a run for SF Board of Education

I immigrated to San Francisco at the age of 10, not speaking a word of English.

My parents didn't study past second grade, and as a kid I worked in Chinese restaurants so we could afford our Chinatown SRO and funds for college.

Back then SF public schools made it possible for me to get into UC Davis but today our schools are failing disadvantaged kids -- kids like me.

So I helped recall the school board, and I'm on the Parent Advisory Council to provide a voice for immigrant families and my two public school children.  

Now I'm exploring a run for school board to help disadvantaged kids get the education they need.
Alan Tsui, candidate for Supervisor in D3

Alan Tsui

exploring a run for SF Supervisor, District 3

I was born in Chinatown  to an immigrant family in an SRO. Back then, Chinatown was thriving.

When my family needed more space, we had no choice but to leave SF to find an affordable home.  I lost my friends, my neighbors, everyone I knew.

Now I'm back.  Chinatown's shoulder to shoulder crowds have given way to unsafe streets and empty storefronts.  It breaks my heart to see it.

I knocked doors to help elect Joel Engardio, and now I'm running for Supervisor in District 3.

Help me bring back a safe, vibrant, and affordable San Francisco.
Daniel Owens, founder of Vision Blvd, to put 40,000 homes where the 101 stub now stands.

Daniel Owens

Vision Blvd project: replacing the 101 stub with 40,000 homes

I'm a public school music teacher who lives near the central freeway, and I can barely afford to live in San Francisco.

We need more affordable housing so San Francisco can be home to teachers, artists, musicians, working class people, and those seeking refuge.

If we take down the aging central freeway, then we can put 40,000 new homes where it stands.
The 101 stub under consideration, from I-80 to Octavia.
San Francisco is required to build 82,000 units over the next 8 years, and nearly half of them could go here, transforming the area into a thriving and beautiful neighborhood.

Let's put new homes in the heart of the city so San Francisco can once again be a sanctuary.

Vision Blvd
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