SF Guardians: We recalled the school board


Vote Ann, Lainie, and Lisa
Appointed Post Recall to Fix Our Schools
Ann Hsu, Lainie Motamedi, and Lisa Weissman-Ward are running for SF school board.
Why we need them
Ann, Lainie, & Lisa were appointed after the recall to fix our schools.

They are doing the boring things -- like balancing the budget and making sure kids can read.
This is critical work.

Right now, less than half of SF public school kids are proficient at math* ... and only 9% of Black students are.  NINE percent.  It's a crisis.

The old school board was unable to fix this crisis. Instead, they wasted time trying to rename schools and paint over murals. (These decisions cost us half a million dollars in legal fees.) No wonder EVERY neighborhood in the city voted to recall them.
Ann Hsu, Lainie Motamedi, and Lisa Weissman-Ward are running for SF school board.  Pictured in front of a school bus.
In just a few months, Ann, Lainie, & Lisa have:
• Launched an initiative to make all high schools amazing, including a merit-based Lowell
• Hired a superintendent focused on delivering results
• Resolved to spend half of the school board's time on student outcomes (the previous board spent <5% of its time on this)

There is much work ahead to fix our schools, and it's critical to vote for ALL THREE. They are the only candidates in the race committed to focusing on student outcomes FIRST -- and that's what will change the trajectory of our kids' lives.

The other three candidates stood with the old school board. If even one of them makes it into office, they will have a majority -- and we'll be right back to the broken policies of the past.

Please help. Your vote will make a difference.
Meet Ann, Lainie, and Lisa
Parents not Politicians
Ann Hsu
Ann Hsu
has the steel backbone to demand accountability and the strength to make hard but necessary decisions

Entrepreneur who gets things done
Chaired bond oversight committee
Single mom of SF public school kids

Lainie Motamedi
Lainie Motamedi
has the knowledge to make large organizations work smoothly, and has a knack for tracking down waste & inefficiency

Clean energy regulator
Co-chaired Public Education Enrichment Fund committee
Mom of SF public school kids

Lisa Weissman-Ward
Lisa Weissman-Ward
has the deep empathy and understanding needed to bring the community along

Stanford professor & lawyer for immigrants
Mom of SF public school kids
Recalled Member Gabriela López
wants her seat back
Recalled school board President Gabriela López, along with her allies, is running to retake her seat.

If she wins, our board will lose its 1-vote majority focused on education
, and we'll be right back to the failed policies of the past.

Don't let López or her allies win
and reverse our children's hard won progress.

See why the school board was recalled.
School Board Candidate Alida Fisher
is aligned with the previous board
If you're considering Alida Fisher for school board, watch our video before you vote!

She kicked off her last campaign with Alison Collins, and is closely aligned with Collins on a policy level.

More details about school board candidate Alida Fisher here.
More information
Where do the candidates stand on the issues?
Chart comparing Ann, Lainie, and Lisa on the issues
Who we are
Parents working hard to get better leadership for their kids.
We're a grassroots movement of parents, teachers, and community members who recalled the school board.

Now we're fighting for good governance and great schools.

The Recall busLowell drive-thruCanvassing at the Castro farmers market.Collecting signatures at the drive-thruGraph of signatures collected over time
Joel and Kit loading boxes of petitionsUnloading boxes at city hallAutumn Looijen & Siva Raj in front of nearly a quarter million signatures.  Just turned in to the Dept of Elections.Thanks to the many who helped unload the boxes at the Dept of Elections!!
Past campaigns
Recalled the school board (in a landslide)
Defeated Prop C to protect our recall rights
Now campaigning for Ann, Lainie, and Lisa.