SF Guardians: We recalled the school board
SF Guardians: We recalled the school board
SF Guardians: We recalled the school board

Better leaders

+ Better policies

= Better San Francisco

Better leaders + Better policies

= Better San Francisco

A well run government is vital to the wellbeing of society

We believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things when we work together in common cause.

That's how we recalled the school board in a landslide.

And that's how we'll make San Francisco the best run city in the world... starting with our schools.

How we'll do this:
• Training & electing better leaders
• Advancing policies proven to work
• Holding institutions accountable through grassroots advocacy

Current projects

City Guardians AcademyScott Wiener talking to the City Guardians Academy's first class.

San Francisco's problems run deep, and it will take a team of great leaders to fix them.

We are finding those leaders, and teaching them how to navigate attacks and win elections.

Learn more about City Guardians Academy
Bring Algebra BackMap showing kids have access to algebra in 7th grade in Silicon Valley, 8th grade in the east bay and peninsula, but not until 9th grade in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley.

Kids who like math should be allowed to take 8th grade algebra.

In San Francisco, it's forbidden.

How far do you have to move to get 8th grade algebra?

See our clickable map.
Education Town Halls

Only NINE percent of our Black students are doing math at grade level.

NINE percent. That's not a typo -- that's a crisis.

We hosted a town hall in partnership with Kevin Robinson to discuss potential solutions.

Watch it here.

Who are SF Guardians?

We're the parents, teachers, and SF residents who recalled the school board in a landslide.
Now we're training a new generation of leaders.

We need your help.

Past campaigns

Recall the School BoardParents working hard to get better leadership for their kids.

We recalled three members of the San Francisco school board for incompetence.

We collected nearly a quarter million signatures, and then won the election.
Defeat Prop CProp C: 9-month window to start a recall

SF has a successful recall about once every 100 years.

Prop C would have made them nearly impossible.

We protected this important right.
Elect School Board CandidatesAnn Hsu, Lainie Motamedi, and Lisa Weissman-Ward are running for SF school board.  Pictured in front of a school bus.

We supported the 3 appointed replacements to continue their work on the school board.

Read more about the 2022 candidates.
The Recall busLowell drive-thruCanvassing at the Castro farmers market.Collecting signatures at the drive-thruGraph of signatures collected over time
Joel and Kit loading boxes of petitionsUnloading boxes at city hallAutumn Looijen & Siva Raj in front of nearly a quarter million signatures.  Just turned in to the Dept of Elections.Thanks to the many who helped unload the boxes at the Dept of Elections!!